The New Hampshire Hospital Association and the Foundation for Healthy Communities recently held their 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting, and though it was done in a very different manner than years past, it provided us the opportunity to demonstrate our deepest appreciation and gratitude to our healthcare heroes on the front lines of COVID-19.


Like many across the country, New Hampshire hospitals and our frontline workers have adapted with strength and resilience in their efforts to respond to the COVID-19 crisis on behalf of the patients and communities they serve.  Today and every day, they exemplify the Blue and White H of health, healing and hope, and the promise it makes to its community during these challenging times.


We often talk about the important role hospitals play in their communities every day and they have demonstrated time and again throughout this pandemic and countless challenges before, their commitment to being there, prepared to care for all of their patients when they need it most.


New Hampshire’s healthcare heroes have been on the front lines of this pandemic since March, experiencing significant trauma, physical and mental stress, but have remained steadfast in their commitment to provide essential, compassionate care to their patients.  As healthcare leaders, we know that simple things such as wearing masks, socially distancing, frequent hand washing and staying home when sick saves lives.  These healthcare heroes are our most valuable asset, and for them to continue to be ready to care, practicing these measures is an absolute.  Together, we can protect ourselves, our loved ones and our caregivers. 


As we make our way through this unprecedented time, our hospitals continue to rise to meet the challenges of their COVID-19 response and recovery, and we remain inspired by their unwavering resolve, heroic sacrifice and absolute commitment to delivering the critical care patients need and deserve. 


We’d like to thank our 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting Sponsors for their continued support and partnership, and for joining us in celebration of our healthcare heroes for all they have done and continue to do on behalf of their employees, families and communities.


To the healthcare heroes throughout our state and beyond, our gratitude is as deep as your courage, and we thank you for your dedication to keeping your community healthy, and for the bravery, compassion and empathy you provide to your patients every day.