Steve Ahnen, president of the New Hampshire Hospital Association, released the below statement on Governor Sununu’s Stay at Home Order:

The New Hampshire Hospital Association strongly supports and appreciates the decision announced today by Governor Sununu for a stay at home order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in New Hampshire.  This is a significant step that builds on all of the efforts that have already been put in place to help flatten the curve of the pandemic here in New Hampshire and ensure that the health care system is able to manage the surge in patients that will need inpatient care at hospitals across New Hampshire.  Models that predict the potential spread of the virus in New Hampshire show that if we don’t take aggressive steps now, we may lose the opportunity to prevent its rapid escalation which could simply overwhelm the ability of the health care system to respond.  While this is a very difficult decision, we believe it is the right one to help slow the spread of the virus in New Hampshire.  We thank the Governor and encourage all Granite State residents to follow this order so that together we will be able to get through this crisis.