As we begin our celebrations of National Nurses and National Hospital Week, we look forward to taking this opportunity to thank the dedicated individuals who work in hospitals for their contributions and commitment to the health and wellness of their communities, every day.

The theme for this year’s National Hospital Week is Celebrating Hope and Healing, and given the recent event at Cheshire Medical Center that forced them to experience what may have been the first full evacuation of a hospital in the state of New Hampshire, we’re reminded of the incredible resilience and commitment that all of our hospitals demonstrate with regard to fostering health, promoting healing and representing hope.  That is the promise that the blue and white “H” delivers to every patient, every family, in every community, every day.  

It’s not often we’re reminded about the importance of engaging in emergency preparedness activities, whether a health care facility, local agency or community.  Cheshire Medical Center, along with other hospitals, had just participated in a statewide emergency preparedness exercise, held earlier that same week by the Granite State Health Care Coalition; a coalition under the Foundation for Healthy Communities that serves to help communities and the health care continuum prepare, respond and recover from disaster events that impact New Hampshire. 

We applaud the doctors, nurses and staff of Cheshire Medical Center, the first responders, emergency management agencies, city and state agencies and personnel, ESF8-Health & Medical, Homeland Security & Emergency Management and surrounding hospitals for their readiness in carrying out a multi-faceted emergency response that required a full evacuation of the hospital and partial activation of the State Emergency Operations Center.   

In honor of National Hospital and National Nurses Week, and every week after, we thank the 65,000+ individuals who work in health care for their commitment and dedication to protecting, promoting and improving health care for their patients when they need it most. 


Steve Ahnen

President, New Hampshire Hospital Association


National Nurses Week, May 6-12

National Hospital Week, May 12-18