Huggins Hospital

Huggins Hospital
240 South Main Street
Wolfeboro, NH  03894-0912

(603)  569-7500
FAX: (603) 569-7564


Jeremy Roberge
President & CEO

Title Extension Name
President & CEO 7510 Jeremy Roberge, CPA
Senior Executive Assistant to the President 7507 Jackie Derosia
Chief Financial Officer 7571 Joshua Upham
Vice President, Facilities & Support Services 7554 Donn Pushor
Vice President, Human Resources 7550 Laura Stauss
Vice President, Information Technology 7544 Patrick Brown
Vice President, Nursing & Clinical Services 7648

Stacey Savage, MSN, RN, CEN, CPEN, TCRN

Vice President, Physician & Diagnostic Services 7614 Kimberlee Daley
Vice President, Strategy & Community Relations 515-2088 Monika O'Clair
Director, Rehab & Diagnostic Services 7566 Kelly Rogers
Director, Pharmacy 7522 Dustin Butler
Director, Emergency Services 7612  Will Riley
Director, Food & Nutrition Services 7548 Kurt Roessler
Director, Revenue Integrity 515-2019 Chris Paul
Director, Patient Access& HIM 7673 Melanie MacMullin
Director, Environmental Services 7539 Tim Caldon
Director, Surgical Services 7540 Vacant
Director, Infection Control / Employee Health 7592 Pamela Dudek
Director, Acute Care Services 7633 Mary Lynn Snow
Chief Medical Officer 7355 John Boornazian, MD
Medical Staff President 7690

Jamison Costello, MD

Chair, Board of Trustees 7507 Howie Knight