Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital


Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital
10 Alice Peck Day Drive

Lebanon, NH  03766

(603) 448-3121
FAX: (603) 308-0119


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Susan E. Mooney, MD, MS, FACHE
President & CEO

  Title Extension Name
  President & CEO 308-0086 Susan E. Mooney, MD, MS, FACHE
  Executive Assistant 448-7425 Jodi Hoyt
  Chief Medical Officer 308-0086 Michael T. Lynch, MD, MBA
  Chief Nursing Officer / Chief Operating Officer & Vice President, Nursing 308-0085 Jean E. Ten Haken, MSN, RN, CENP
  Associatie Chief Nursing Officer 308-0089 Anne Tyrol, RN, CEN, CPEN
  Administrator, Harvest Hill 308-0477 Amy Thornton, RN
  Vice President, External Affairs 308-0820 Peter Glenshaw
  Vice President, Finance 308-0082 Todd Roberts
  Associate Vice President, Clinic Operations / Multi-Specialty Clinic 308-0092 Maryann Caron, MPH
  Associate Vice President, Quality & Patient Safety/Risk & Compliance / Patient Relations / Peer Review Coordinator 308-0531 Amy Desmond, MLS (ASCP), MS
  Associate Vice President, Periop / Radiology / Lab / Respiratory 308-0088 Gretchen A. Rutherford, MBA
  Medical Director, Informatics 308-0540 Sheila Feyrer, MD
  Infection Preventionist / Quality & Safety Specialist 308-0532 Christa M.R. Robert, BSN, RN
  Director, Human Resources 308-0814 Kim Carboneau, JD
  Interim Director, Plant Operations / Emergency Preparedness Coordinator 308-0235 Jamie Chiasson
  Clinical Manager, Primary Care / Women's Care / Sleep Medicine / Integrative Medicine 308-0661 Shelley Friedman, MSN, RN, MBA, CNML
  Clinical Manager, Orthopedics / Surgical Specialities / Occupational Health Services 308-0431 Johna A. Thibodeau, Jr., BSN, RN
  Manager, Executive Office 305-0080 Jodi K. Hoyt
  Manager, Marketing & Communications 308-0822 Kelli C. Pippin
  Manager, Materials Management 308-0755 Matthew A. Harris
  Manager, Nutrition Services & Gift Tree Shop 308-0564 Shawn Richardson, NHA
  Manager, Pharmacy 308-0616 Suzy Chan, PharmD
  Nurse Manager, Emergency Department  308-0292 Justin Harris, BSN, RN
  Nurse Manager, Medical Surgical Unit & Care Management  308-0340 Sarah Johnston,  MSN, RN, CCRN, CSC
  Executive Director, Multi-Specialty Clinic 308-0681 Dale Collins Vidal, MD, MS
  Practice Director, Multi-Specialty Clinic 308-0656 Lauren Senn
  Executive Director, Lifecare / Administrator, The Woodlands 308-0519 Cynthia Jerome
  Administrator, Harvest Hill 308-0477 Amy Rauert, BSN, RN, CEP, GERO-BC
  Chair, Board of Trustees   Greg Lange