The New Hampshire Hospital Association (NHHA) is proud to offer the NHHA Endorsed Business Partner (EBP) program through Health Shared Services Inc. (HSSI). A for-profit entity owned by NHHA, HSSI was created to bring NHHA member hospitals and their affiliates statewide with access to a wide range of high-quality products and services at reduced costs.

Through HSSI, NHHA brings greater value to its membership by offering an Endorsed Business Partner (EBP) program that takes advantage of the Association’s collective membership strength.  Our focus is to drive value through connecting health care organizations in New Hampshire with a wide array of highly respected companies who provide service offerings that are competitively priced and delivered with exceptional customer service.

Through a deliberate market assessment process, the NHHA EBP program matches issue-specific member needs with products and services and identifies innovative organizations that are committed to fostering operational excellence by providing value-added services to the healthcare facilities in New Hampshire.  

The business partners selected are expected to meet high-quality standards and offer products or services that help healthcare facilities control costs, recover revenue, reduce operating and capital expenses, improve management and quality, increase productivity, develop staff resources and apply new strategies. NHHA’s EBP partners undergo a rigorous assessment and analysis process to ensure they meet established quality, financial and other service delivery standards. 

The hallmark of the New Hampshire Hospital Association Endorsed Business Partner program centers on building strong and lasting relationships that deliver outstanding value, benefits, and overall satisfaction to member hospitals.


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