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Conversation Café, First Congregational Church, Manchester March 15, 2017. Photographer Cheryl Senter, courtesy of NH Charitable Foundation

Welcoming Manchester is a local Welcoming NH effort, and part of the Endowment for Health supported Immigrant integration Initiative, which aims to “encourage mutual understanding, a spirit of welcome, and a common purpose among all members of the Manchester community.” 

Welcoming Manchester has been hosting Conversation Cafés to bring together new immigrants and members of the "receiving community" in a casual, friendly environment.  Members of the receiving community are generally native US born, but sometimes they are immigrants themselves who have learned the ropes of this community and are in a position to help receive newcomers. 

Many people say they want to get to know immigrants but don't have a way to do that – Conversation Cafés provide that space and also give new immigrants a way to find out more about the community they are settling in. 

Tika Acharya, Executive Director of Building Community in New Hampshire. Photo credit: Becky Field, FieldWork Photos.Tika Acharya came to Manchester in January of 2009 with 4 generations of his family – the 11th Bhutanese family to arrive in Manchester.  Refugees do not have a choice of where to go and some Bhutanese families had been assigned to NH, with refugees resettled here beginning in March 2008. There are now 163 Bhutanese families in Manchester (as well as 148 families in Concord and 10 in Laconia).

Tika’s first impression was being surprised by the city’s size which was smaller than the refugee camp he had come from.  His curiosity was also piqued by how technologically driven everything was. While Tika was excited about settling into a new community, he also faced many challenges. Despite knowing English, he had some difficulty communicating. His family, friends, and neighbors often sought him out for help, to read letters, to communicate at the hospital and to accompany them to appointments. He found he was always learning and always busy. 

The New England Grassroots Environment Fund is an environmental justice funder with the mission of building a just and sustainable New England. The Grassroots Fund aspires to do this by working alongside neighborhood focused groups that have hope and vision to improve their communities from the ground up.

Over 60% of their grants are given to groups that do not have 501c3 status and may or may not have a fiscal sponsor. For many grantees a Grassroots Fund grant is often the first funding they’ve received and helps to secure additional financial support or resources.

The Grassroots Fund invests in projects within the following issue areas: Climate & Energy, Environmental Health, Food & Agriculture, Land & Water, and New Economy. Grants range from $500-$7500. In addition, the Grassroots Fund offers event sponsorship and training grant opportunities. Grassroots Fund staff are readily available to discuss grant proposals with applicants before submission. 

Please review details about the available Grant Programs including instructions on how to apply.

As a member of the NH Campaign for Voting Rights, ACLU-NH is working with a coalition of state and national advocacy organizations, voters, attorneys, and watchdog organizations to ensure and preserve the right to vote for every eligible New Hampshire voter.

Together, multiple ally organizations designed, promoted, collected, and delivered nearly 3,000 petition signatures urging Governor Chris Sununu to support voting modernization and security by vetoing Senate Bill 3.  Yet SB 3 narrowly passed the New Hampshire House on June 1, with a 191-162 vote and Governor Chris Sununu signed SB 3 into law July 10, 2017.  This creates an unfunded mandate for cities and towns, and very possibly ensures long lines for same-day registration.