Nominations being accepted for the 2019 Noah Lord Patient & Family Engagement Award

The Foundation for Healthy Communities is pleased to announce it is now accepting nominations for the 2019 Noah Lord Patient & Family Engagement Award!

The Noah Lord Patient & Family Engagement Award recognizes the innovative work being done to better engage patients and families with Patient Family Advisors and Patient & Family Advisory Councils to improve patient safety, quality improvement and the patient experience in a New Hampshire hospital and / or health system.  Designed to facilitate the sharing of success stories across the state, this award celebrates efforts to create change through improving communication between patients, families and the medical team.  

Noah Lord was a vibrant, fun, silly, 4-and-a-half-year-old, whose outgoing and inquisitive nature drove him to explore the world around him. His constant questioning of the details had his parents endlessly scrambling for answers that would satisfy his insatiable curiosity. Discussions of dinosaurs, Star Wars, death, life, playgrounds, work, Toy Story and  so many other topics were a constant in Noah's household. He spent many days cooking with his mom and planned with great enthusiasm to be a "chef cooking man" when he grew up. 

Sadly, those dreams were never realized.  Noah died from a series of medical errors following a tonsillectomy, errors that could have been prevented.  Noah's constant quest for answers inspired his mom, Tanya, to seek answers related to his premature death.  After a job transfer for Noah's dad, Glen, brought them to New Hampshire, Tanya began her search in earnest.  She found that the circumstances surrounding Noah's death provided many opportunities for healthcare improvement, including the importance of engaging patients and families at the bedside, as well as within the organizational structure.  

The Noah Lord Patient & Family Engagement Award was created by Noah's mother, Tanya Lord, PhD, MPH, Director of Patient & Family Engagement at the Foundation for Healthy Communities, to recognize the innovative work being done in New Hampshire hospitals to better engage patients and families in improving healthcare.  

To learn more about the award, eligibility / criteria, and to download the 2019 Application, please click here. 
Applications are due Friday, September 27, 2019.