One of the most high profile political and public policy issues of the day is the question of fairness in regard to what is reasonable for hospitals to expect people in the community without health coverage to pay for hospital services.

Traditionally, patients without any insurance are expected to pay the full charges on their hospital bill. Insurance companies do not pay the full charges on hospital bills for insured individuals because insurance companies can negotiate the rates they pay by covering a high volume of hospital patients. For patients who are without insurance and whose income levels exceed criteria for financial assistance, some bills can be a hardship.

Hospitals in New Hampshire have addressed this issue of the health care industry’s complex billing system by developing the Hospital Access Plus program, which was started a few years ago as a voluntary component of the New Hampshire Health Access Network. The goal is to assist patients in the community without health coverage through more equitable billing practices, regardless of patients’ financial status.

Hospitals participating in the Hospital Access Plus program discount hospital facility charges for medically necessary hospital services by a minimum of 15% for patients without health coverage or financial assistance. Connect with your participating community hospital to find out more. Local conditions may apply.

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital
Androscoggin Valley Hospital
Catholic Medical Center
Cheshire Medical Center
Concord Hospital
Cottage Hospital
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Elliot Hospital
Exeter Hospital
Franklin Regional Hospital
Frisbie Memorial Hospital
Huggins Hospital
Lakes Region General Hospital
Littleton Regional Hospital
Monadnock Community Hospital
New London Hospital
Parkland Medical Center
Portsmouth Regional Hospital
Southern NH Medical Center
St. Joseph Hospital
Speare Memorial Hospital
Valley Regional Hospital
Weeks Medical Center
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital

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The Foundation for Healthy Communities, an affiliated organization of the New Hampshire Hospital Association, has worked closely with nonprofit hospitals & health systems to advance their knowledge and ability to effectively complete community health needs assessments, report on community benefits and communicate this information to the public.  In this work, the Foundation has developed a tool to assist health care charitable trusts involved in our initiatives to use project information and activities in their health needs assessment and benefits reporting requirements. For more information, contact Beth Gustafson Wheeler at (603) 415-4278 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The important thing in providing these reports is to include examples of community benefits identified in the statute. As reporting time approaches (those hospitals with fiscal years ending December 31 will be required to file reports on April 1), it would be appropriate to begin to inventory the activities included in the law as community benefit. These are:

  1. Charity care (do not include bad debt in this category)
  2. Financial or in-kind support of public health programs even if the programs extend beyond the trust's service area, including support of recommendations in any state health plan developed by the NH Department of Health and Human Services
  3. Allocation of funds, property, services, or other resources that contribute to community health care needs identified in a community benefits plan.
  4. Donation of funds, property, services, or other resources which promote or support a healthier community (please include support for the Foundation for Healthy Communities), enhanced access to health care or related services, health education and prevention activities, or services to a vulnerable population (those at risk of not receiving health care services due to financial, medical or other barriers), and
  5. Support of medical research and education and training of health care practitioners.


If you have any question regarding reporting requirements, call Terry Knowles, Registrar of the Office of Charitable Trusts, at 271-3591.

2021 Statewide Community Benefit Report

2020 Statewide Community Benefit Report

2019 Statewide Community Benefit Report


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